What is another word for chemise?

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Chemise is a garment that was traditionally worn as a nightgown or a simple dress. It is often made of cotton or silk and is typically loose-fitting, with a simple style that is easy to wear. If you are looking for synonyms for chemise, there are plenty of options to choose from. Some common alternatives include slip, shift, tunic, blouse, and dress. Each of these options offers a slightly different take on the chemise style, ranging from more formal dresses to casual, loose-fitting slips. Whatever your preference, there is sure to be a synonym for chemise that fits your style and preferences perfectly.

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    A chemise ( French: [kɛmisi]) is a typical garment of French women, typically a sleeveless dress with a Pleated Front, made from a light colored cotton or silk fabric with a plain finish. The chemise was originally designed as a day dress, with a modest neckline and generous gathered skirt. It is now also popular as an evening gown.

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