What is another word for chevalier?

Pronunciation: [ʃˈɛvɐliə] (IPA)

The term "chevalier" originates from the French term meaning "knight." Synonyms for "chevalier" include a range of words that mean "knight" or "nobleman" including "dame," "baron," "sir," "lord," and "Vicomte." The term "squire" can also be used to describe a knight's assistant or a candidate for knighthood. Other synonyms for "chevalier" may include "cavalier," "paladin," "hero," and "champion." All of these words describe someone who is brave, chivalrous, and honorable, embodying the same characteristics as a traditional knight. The use of these synonyms is a great way to add depth and nuance to one's writing while also expanding one's vocabulary.

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Usage examples for Chevalier

This is much less the effect of deliberate political conviction than the natural fruit of the character and circumstances of the people, of their powerful private resources and those habits of commercial association which M. chevalier speaks of with so much friendly envy, complaining that his own countrymen could never be a great industrial nation because they had no taste for acquiring them.
"Contemporary Socialism"
John Rae
The chevalier de la Salle, some years after this, commenced near its head and descended to the gulf, with seventeen men.
"Eight days in New Orleans in February, 1847"
Albert James Pickett
"Why, him, my chevalier sans peur et sans reproche," says the Princess.
"Erlach Court"
Ossip Schubin

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