What is another word for Cheyenne?

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[ ʃa͡ɪˈan], [ ʃa‍ɪˈan], [ ʃ_aɪ__ˈa_n]

Synonyms for Cheyenne:

Cheyenne (noun) Other synonyms:

Rhymes for Cheyenne:

  1. jan, plan, span, han, van, mann, ran, ban, fan, man, tan, nan, an, gran, klan, clan, scan, shan, can, lan, pan;
  2. sedan, pecan, began, cyan, cezanne, rattan, sudan, iran, divan, japan, rodin, bhutan;
  3. kazakhstan, overran;
  4. catamaran;

Quotes for Cheyenne:

  1. It was real Cheyenne I would get the translations the night before, but it was very difficult because it was not like any other language you would be familiar with. Joe Lando.
  2. Cheyenne Autumn was received not too successfully. I still think it was a very good movie. It was kinda Ford's apology for the way he had treated Indians in his past pictures. Richard Widmark.

Adjectives for Cheyenne:

  • fourth mysterious,
  • great scarred,
  • real and authentic,
  • tall, rangy,
  • several more,
  • little old,
  • poor old,
  • real,
  • tall.