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Chiggers are tiny mites that are notorious for causing itchy red bites on human skin. These pesky critters are called by different names around the world. In Australia, they are commonly known as red bugs, while in the UK, they are referred to as harvest mites. In the Southern United States, chiggers are often called berry bugs or red mites. In some regions of the United States, they are known as jiggers or harvest lice. Regardless of what you call them, chiggers are a common nuisance that can ruin a fun day outdoors. Proper precautions such as wearing long pants and using insect repellent are recommended to avoid these little pests.

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The common name for a small, red, parasitic arachnid that lives on the skin of humans and other mammals is the chigger. Chiggers are easily recognizable by their characteristic long, oval, red body and legs. They feed on a variety of living things, including people, rabbits, and horses.

Most people living in warm climates are likely to encounter chiggers at some point in their lives. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that chiggers are most common in the southeastern and mid-Atlantic states, but can be found anywhere there is a diversity of climates and vegetation.

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