What is another word for Chinese Elm?

Pronunciation: [t͡ʃa͡ɪnˈiːz ˈɛlm] (IPA)

Chinese elm is a popular tree species known for its graceful appearance and resilience to a wide range of environmental conditions. There are several synonyms for the Chinese elm, including lacebark elm, lacebark tree, and Siberian elm. These names are primarily derived from the tree's unique bark, which is characterized by distinct patterns and colors. Other common synonyms for the Chinese elm include smooth-leaved elm, cork bark elm, and red elm. While the Chinese elm is native to China, it has been widely cultivated and is popular in landscaping and horticulture across the world. Its adaptability and aesthetic appeal have made it a favorite in both urban and natural settings.

Synonyms for Chinese elm:

What are the hypernyms for Chinese elm?

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