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Pronunciation: [kɹˈɪstəfə smˈɑːt] (IPA)

Christopher Smart was an 18th-century poet renowned for his literary prowess and unique writing style. He was also known by several synonyms such as 'Kit Smart' or 'Kit Smart the Buck's Head' due to his association with The Buck's Head tavern. Despite his extraordinary talent, Smart had a tumultuous life marked by periods of mental illness, leading to his confinement in asylums. To his contemporaries, he was sometimes referred to as 'Mad Smart,' emphasizing his eccentric behavior and unconventional thinking. Regardless of these aliases, Christopher Smart's works, including his acclaimed poem 'Jubilate Agno,' continue to be celebrated today for their brilliance and contribution to English literature.

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  • [The editor of , Richard Gooch writes:] Those who remember Mr. Gray when at the University of Cambridge, where he resided the greater part of his life, will recollect that he was a little prim fastidous man, distinguished by a short shuffling step. He commonly held up his gown behind with one of his hands, at the same time cocking up his chin, and perking up his nose. Christopher Smart, who was contemporary with him at Pembroke Hall, used to say that Gray walked "as if he had fouled his small-clothes, and looked as if he smelt it."
    Thomas Gray
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