What is another word for circumvention?

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Circumvention refers to the act of avoiding or bypassing a rule, law, or restriction. There are various synonyms that can be used to convey the same meaning. One of them is bypass, which means to circumvent or go around something. Another synonym is evasion, which is the act of avoiding or escaping something. Similarly, one can use the word sidestep, which refers to evading or avoiding a problem. Other synonyms for circumvention include subversion, resistance, and avoidance. These words are often used in legal and political contexts to describe attempts to overcome obstacles or challenges. Ultimately, all these words highlight an attempt to achieve a goal through indirect means.

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    When we think about circumvention, we might picture someone sneaking around a firewall to access a restricted website. However, circumvention can also refer to any activity or technique used to evade normal restrictions or processes. Circumvention can take many different forms, from using a software glitch to bypass a security measure, to hacking into a system to install a modified version of software.

    Circumvention is often used to gain access to information that is otherwise censored or unavailable. For example, in China, people use circumvention tools to access blocked websites and news sources.

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