What is another word for city directory?

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A city directory is a comprehensive listing of names, addresses and contacts of individuals, businesses, organizations, and institutions residing in a particular city. Alternative words for city directory include telephone book, phonebook, yellow pages, white pages, city guide, city book, street guide, address book, business directory, and city map. A telephone book is a book that contains the names, addresses, and phone numbers of people and businesses in a city. Yellow pages are business directory listings that are arranged alphabetically by business type. White pages are phonebook listings of individuals arranged alphabetically by surname. A city guide provides information about landmarks, attractions, and things to do in the city. A street guide offers a map of the city with streets and buildings identified.

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    How to use "City directory" in context?

    There are many different types of city directories. A city directory can be a compilation of information about businesses, organizations and people in a city or town. It can also include maps, photographs and other graphics. There are many different city directories available, including those published by commercial publishers, free community publications and online directories. Regardless of the source, a city directory must provide residents and businesses with the necessary information to locate necessary services and products, as well as contact information for city officials.

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