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Civilisation, defined as the advanced stage of human development and social organization, has many synonyms that help to encompass the breadth of its meaning. One possible synonym is culture, which describes the shared beliefs, values, and practices of a group of people. Another synonym is sophistication, which implies a high level of refinement and worldly experience. Another appropriate term might be advancement, which reflects the progress and innovation that characterizes advanced societies. Still, another synonym could be modernity, which connotes the technological and scientific achievements of contemporary civilizations. Finally, the word society itself could serve as a synonym, highlighting the interconnectedness and complexity of human civilization.

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How to use "Civilisation" in context?

Civilisation is a complex social assemblage of activities and practices that have emerged over generations from a shared human experience. It is a way of life characterized by shared customs, values, beliefs, and institutions. Civilisation can be contrasted with less developed forms of society, tribalism, and primitive cultures.

Civilisation has been characterised by the development of systems of law, governance, education, and technology. It has also been marked by the rise of great empires, the growth of a middle class, and the progress of science and arts. Its successes have been documented in literature, art, architecture, and philosophy.

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