What is another word for clamant?

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The word "clamant" is typically used to describe a situation or demand that is urgent and pressing. Synonyms for this word include "insistent," "demanding," "urgent," "pressing," "pervasive," "persistent," "vital," and "imperative." Each of these words conveys a sense of urgency and immediacy, indicating that action needs to be taken quickly in order to resolve the situation at hand. Other synonyms for "clamant" include "critical," "decisive," "paramount," "important," "significant," "pertinent," and "pressing." All of these words are useful for describing situations that require immediate attention and cannot be ignored or postponed.

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    Clamant1 (kləˈman) adjective: insistent; plaintive • Synonyms: persistent, piteous, melodramatic, weepy • The clamant may seem too loud or unordinary to be considered polite language, but in fact this adjective is often used to describe those who express their feelings aggressively or in an overly dramatic way. • For example, when a debate is getting nowhere, the clamant may pipe up and insist that his side be given a chance to speak. • This trait can also be seen in those who cry in public, or in private when they are upset.

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