What is another word for Class Monocotyledones?

Pronunciation: [klˈas mˌɒnə͡ʊkˌɒtɪlˈiːdə͡ʊnz] (IPA)

Class Monocotyledones, also known as Monocots, refers to a class of flowering plants that have a single cotyledon or embryonic leaf in their seed. Other synonyms for the word Class Monocotyledones include Liliopsida, Endogens, and Monocotyledoneae. These plants are known for their simple leaves with parallel veins, non-woody stems, and scattered vascular bundles. Some common examples of monocots include grasses, orchids, and lilies. Monocots are considered important economically as they are widely used for food, medicine, and decorative purposes. Studying this class of plants is crucial in understanding their ecological roles and discovering their potential for future agricultural and medicinal developments.

Synonyms for Class monocotyledones:

What are the hypernyms for Class monocotyledones?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

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