What is another word for clear off?

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There are numerous synonyms for the phrase "clear off", which generally implies the act of removing or moving away from something or someone. Some of the other commonly used terms that can substitute for "clear off" include "move out", "leave", "depart", "go away", "withdraw", "retreat", "vacate", "evacuate", "disperse", "scram", "beat it", and "make oneself scarce". Each of these terms can be used in a variety of situations, whether it's asking someone to leave a premises or telling someone to remove themselves from a particular situation. The specific phrase chosen may depend on factors such as formality, tone, and context.

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    How to use "Clear off" in context?

    When it comes to getting things clean there is no one method that works for everyone. Some people prefer to use a vacuum cleaner while others may prefer to use a broom and dustpan. However, there is one surefire way to ensure that all the dirt, dust and hair is removed from anysurface - clear off!

    When it comes to cleaning, there are three key steps that need to be followed: cleaning, drying and sanitizing. Clear off is the perfect tool for ensuring that all three steps are followed.


    1. Start by cleaning the surface that you want to clean.

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