What is another word for clearing?

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Clearing is a versatile word that has various synonyms depending on the context in which it is used. Some of the synonyms for clearing include open space, expanse, meadow, lawn, glade, cleaning, pruning, and purging. Open space is used to describe an area where there are no buildings or trees, while expanse refers to a vast or extensive area of land. A meadow and a lawn are words used to describe grassy areas commonly found in gardens or parks. A glade is an open space in a forest, while cleaning, pruning, and purging refer to the act of removing debris, trimming, and getting rid of unwanted material. Using these synonyms provides a more colorful and engaging way of communicating the intended meaning of the word 'clearing'.

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forests for agriculture purposes - leaving only a small remnant of the original forest - is called "clearing". Clearing of forests for agriculture purposes has been an approach to land use for thousands of years. Forests have always been cleared for agricultural purposes. The primary reasons for clearing forests have been to cultivate the land, to create grazing land, and to produce resources such as timber and fuel. Today, many forests are cleared for agricultural purposes all around the world.

Clearing forests for agriculture purposes has many consequences both environmentally and socially. Forests are a major source of oxygen, water, and food.

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