What is another word for clop?

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Clop is a sound produced when a horse or any other animal walks on a surface. There are several synonyms for the word clop that can be used to describe the sound of footsteps. Some of the synonyms of clop are clip-clop, tramp, thud, stomp, tromp, and clomp. Each of these words conveys a similar sound but can vary depending on how the animal moves. For example, clip-clop is a soft and rhythmic sound that is produced by a horse's hooves when it's walking at a moderate pace. Whereas, thud and stomp are harsher sounds that are produced when an animal is walking on a harder surface or is more forceful in its steps.

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How to use "Clop" in context?

Clop is a word that is similar to "clap" that is used to describe the sound a person makes when they slap their hands together.

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