What is another word for Clough?

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The word "clough" is a dialectal term in British English that refers to a narrow, steep-sided valley or ravine usually formed by a stream or river. Synonyms for "clough" include "ravine," "gully," "canyon," "glen," "chasm," "cleft," "cove," "coombe," "dale," and "hollow." These words are useful alternatives when describing a landscape or geographical feature that resembles a narrow valley or ravine. Additionally, the choice of synonym can enhance the writer's vocabulary and prevent repetitive language.

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How to use "Clough" in context?

The name Clough is an old English name that means clearing in the forest. Cloughs were traditionally used as an entryway into a forest, as they allowed hunters to cross the forest without getting lost. One of the best-known examples of a clough is Glastonbury Tor, which is located in England.

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