What is another word for Clusia Insignis?

Pronunciation: [klˈuːzɪəɹ ɪnsˈɪɡniz] (IPA)

Clusia Insignis is a beautiful and unique plant native to South and Central America known for its glossy green leaves and large, bright pink flowers. Synonyms for this plant include the scientific name Clusia rosea, and the common names autograph tree, signature tree, and copey. The autograph tree name comes from the fact that the leaves of the Clusia Insignis can be etched with a sharp object, leaving a lasting impression. The signature tree name is also fitting, as the plant's distinctive appearance is easily recognizable. Copey is the name given to the plant by indigenous people in Costa Rica, where it is considered a sacred tree. Whatever the name used, Clusia Insignis remains a stunning and special addition to any garden or landscape.

Synonyms for Clusia insignis:

What are the hypernyms for Clusia insignis?

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