What is another word for co-occur?

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The term 'co-occur' refers to the simultaneous presence or occurrence of things. There are numerous synonyms for this word that can be used interchangeably to convey the same meaning. Some common synonyms for co-occur are coincide, concur, coincide, synchronize, occur together, happen together, and contemporaneous. Other synonyms include coexist, harmonize, correspond, accord, and match. The right synonym for co-occur usually depends on the context, and choosing the correct synonym makes any kind of written or spoken communication more precise and easier to understand.

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How to use "Co-occur" in context?

What is co-occurrence?

Co-occurrence is a term used in psychology and sociology to describe how often two or more events or items occur together. It can be used to measure the degree to which two things are associated.

For example, if you ask people which of two items they have in their pocket, they are more likely to mention both if they have them in close proximity to each other (co-occurrence). This is why you might find a cash register and receipt nearby when you buy something.

Co-occurrence can be used to measure the degree to which two things are associated.

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