What is another word for co-operatively?

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Co-operatively is a word that denotes the cooperation between individuals or groups to achieve a common goal. Some synonyms for the term co-operatively include collaboratively, jointly, together, unitedly and collectively. Collaboratively means working together to achieve a goal while Jointly denotes an equal participation. Together is a term that refers to two or more people or things being in the same place or time. Unitedly refers to people or groups working together with a common aim, while collectively denotes working together as a group. These synonyms are useful when describing partnerships, teamwork, or group efforts and should be used appropriately in the context of the sentence.

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How to use "Co-operatively" in context?

The word "co-operative" often has a positive connotation, implying that people are working together towards a common goal in a reasonable and friendly way. But the word also has a more negative meaning, often referring to businesses and industries where consumers are forced to unfairly share the benefits of their collective efforts.

In general, the goal of a co-operative is to create social and economic justice. Co-operatives are often founded on the basic principle of "from each according to ability, to each according to need.

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