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Co-ops, or cooperative societies, are organizations owned and operated by their members who share the benefits and responsibilities. There are several synonyms for the word "co-ops". The first one is "collective", which refers to a group of people working together toward a common goal. Another synonym is "mutuals", which are organizations formed to provide protection and benefits for their members. "Alliances" is also a synonym for co-ops, as they are formed when organizations work together to achieve a common purpose. Other synonyms include "associations", "federations", and "societies", all of which refer to groups of individuals united towards a common goal. Regardless of the name used, co-ops and their synonyms are a crucial part of many communities around the world.

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How to use "Co-ops" in context?

When people think of "co-ops," they might think of a place where people can buy produce in bulk and support a local farm. But co-ops can be so much more.

Co-ops are organized businesses where member shareholders ("owners") share in the profits and decision-making. They typically provide a democratic structure in which all members have an equal voice.

Co-ops have a long history of being successful in creating sustainable businesses. They are communities-run businesses that have a sense of shared ownership and responsibility. They are often more efficient and profitable than conventional businesses.

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