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Co-ordinates are a key aspect of navigation and location-based devices. These points of reference provide information on where something is located and form the cornerstone of global positioning systems (GPS). There are a variety of different words that can be used as synonyms for the term "co-ordinates". For example, you could use terms like "coordinates," "locations," "waypoints," or "markers" to describe these points of reference. Additionally, terms like "geographic points," "navigation data," "longitude and latitude," and "map positions" can also be used to describe co-ordinates. Regardless of the language used, the clear communication of co-ordinate information is essential for accurate navigational purposes.

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    Co-ordinates can be described as a mathematical statement that assigns a position (x, y, z) on a plane to a point in space. In general, co-ordinates can be represented by three vectors (x, y, z) that each point in space is associated with, called its position vector.

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