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Coal is a combustible black or brown sedimentary rock that forms from the remains of plants compressed for millions of years. This fossil fuel has several synonyms, including carbon, anthracite, lignite, black gold, mineral, and fossil fuel. Carbon is a chemical element with the symbol C, and it is found in organic materials like coal. Anthracite is a hard, compact, and high-quality coal that burns slowly with very little smoke. Lignite is a soft, brown, and low-grade coal that is often used as a fuel for power plants. Black gold is a term used to describe coal's economic value, while mineral refers to the rock's inorganic composition. Lastly, fossil fuel is a collective term for coal, oil, and natural gas, which are formed from organic matter.

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    Coal is the mined, burnt, and extracted rock that is used as a fuel for electricity and heat production. Coal is located in different parts of the world, but is mostly found in countries such as China, the United States, Australia, and Russia. Coal is often extracted through underground mining, and then transported to coal-fired power plants and other industrial facilities. Coal is considered a major contributor to climate change because of the emissions that are produced when it is burned. Despite these issues, coal remains a necessary part of the energy infrastructure in many countries.

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