What is another word for coarse-grained?

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Coarse-grained is a term commonly used in geology and materials science to describe a material or rock with large-sized grains or mineral particles. Synonyms for this term include rough, uneven, rugged, and crude. Another synonym for coarse-grained is granular, which refers to a material composed of small visible particles. The term gritty can also be used to describe a texture similar to coarse-grained, or an object that contains sand-like particles. Other words that may be used to describe coarse-grained materials include pebbly, boulder- or cobble-strewn, and chunky. Overall, these synonyms help to add diversity and clarity to geological and materials science language.

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    A coarse-grained algorithm is one which is designed to solve problems that are too large or too difficult for a fine-grained algorithm to handle. This can be a disadvantage, as it can take longer to solve the problem using a coarse-grained algorithm.

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