What is another word for cob?

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The word "cob" has various synonyms which are equally interesting. A cob can be referred to as a corncob when we talk about the cylindrical part of an ear of corn. Similarly, cob can be used to describe a male swan or as a short term for cobblestone used in paving roads. Furthermore, cob can relate to a shout or a taunt. The word "cob" originated from Middle English which means a small lump or rounded mass. Cob has a variety of meanings based on the context and usage. Therefore, a good knowledge of synonyms for the word cob is essential to communicate effectively.

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    The cob (Coeluropoda melanoleuca), also known as the red kite, is a medium-sized bird with a wide distribution in the Old World. It is a scavenger and a predator, feeding chiefly on carrion.

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