What is another word for coeval?

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Coeval is an adjective used to describe things or people that are the same age or have originated at the same time. Some synonyms for coeval include contemporary, concurrent, simultaneous, and coinciding. Alternatively, other words that can be used to describe things that are of the same age include coexisting, concomitant, and synchronous. Additionally, for people who are the same age, equivalents include peers, classmates, or contemporaries. Whatever synonym is chosen, it is important to remember that coeval conveys the idea that two or more things are of the same time or era, and therefore a suitable alternative should also convey this same meaning.

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    1. The word "coeval" is derived from the Latin word "cohaeres" which means "together" or "of the same age." It is used to describe two or more things that share a common point in time, usually experience. This word is most often used in the context of natural phenomena where things that happen at the same time are considered to be coeval. For example, both the ice ages and the acid rain that occurred during the 1970s were coeval.

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