What is another word for cohesiveness?

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Cohesiveness refers to the logical and functional connection among parts of a system or group. Synonyms for cohesiveness include unity, solidarity, harmony, consistency, coherence, teamwork, integration, coherence, and interconnectedness. Unity suggests a close bond or agreement among members of a group, whereas solidarity emphasizes support and confidence in a common goal. Coharmony reflects the blending of diverse elements into a smooth and cooperative whole, whereas consistency embodies steadfastness and reliability. Coherence implies a logical connection among parts or ideas within a system. Teamwork suggests collaboration and shared responsibility, while integration and interconnectedness underscore the interdependence of individual parts of a group or system.

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How to use "Cohesiveness" in context?

Cohesiveness is the quality of being joined together in a close union. It is the combining of forces that permits an organization to resist change and maintain its identity. Cohesiveness can be seen in many aspects of life, from the coordination of actions by a group to the formation of a cohesive group identity. The ability of an organization to resist change and maintain its identity is often a defining factor in its success.

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