What is another word for coiner?

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A coiner is someone who forges or makes fake money. However, there are several other ways to describe a person who does this. Some synonyms for the word "coiner" include counterfeiter, counterfeit producer, false money maker, phony coin maker, and currency faker. Other common words include coin faker, money forger, coin forger, and money maker. Regardless of the word used to describe them, people who produce fake money are often seen as criminals and pose a significant threat to the economy. Thus, it is essential to enforce strict laws and penalties against such individuals to ensure the safety and integrity of the monetary system.

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    Synonyms for Coiner:

    How to use "Coiner" in context?

    Coiners are people who illegally produce and use counterfeit coins. The term is typically used to refer to counterfeit coins produced for the purpose of financial gain, but it can also refer to coins that are damaged or defective.

    Coiners can produce coins in a variety of ways, including by hand or using a manufacturing machine. The most common type of coiner is the hand counterfeitist, who makes coins using copper, brass, or other metals. Machine coiners use a variety of technologies, including 3-D printing, to produce counterfeit coins.

    Coiners face a number of penalties, including fines, imprisonment, and restitution.

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    • coyner.

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