What is another word for collectivism?

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Collectivism is a term that signifies the idea of a group thinking and acting as one entity, commonly to reach a common goal. Synonyms for this word include cooperation, collaboration, teamwork, communalism and joint effort. Cooperation conveys the act of working together in harmony with others to achieve a shared objective. Collaboration refers to the act of pooling resources with others to achieve a common goal. Teamwork indicates a collective effort of a group to work together effectively. Communalism denotes a society structured around the community as opposed to individuals. Joint effort means the combined actions of a group to achieve an objective. All these synonyms convey the spirit of collectivism and the importance of working together towards a shared vision.

Synonyms for Collectivism:

How to use "Collectivism" in context?

Collectivism is the belief that collaborative effort is more effective than individual effort. This idea is found in many cultures and is the foundation of many social movements. Collectivism suggests that people are happiest and most organized when they work together. This idea is often used to explain why some societies are more successful than others. Some of the benefits of collectivism include a sense of community, a shared identity, and a feeling of responsibility.

The negative effects of collectivism are sometimes referred to as the "tyranny of the majority.

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