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The term "colonial" is often associated with the oppression and exploitation of indigenous populations by powerful European nations seeking to expand their empires. There are several synonyms that can convey a similar idea: imperialistic, expansionist, dominative, hegemonic, or conquering. These words all suggest a sense of domination and the imposition of one culture over another. Other synonyms such as early, pioneering, or foundational do not necessarily have the same negative connotations but still evoke a sense of the time period when colonies were being established. Using synonyms can add nuance and depth to writing, allowing for more precise and effective communication of ideas.

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The term, colonial, is derived from the latin word, colonus, meaning one who is from the colony. Colonialism is the policy of extending a country's power by occupying and governing other countries or regions. The English word colonialism was first used in the late 1590s to describe the actions of the English and Dutch in their fight for control of North America. Colonialism is often considered to have begun in 1492, when Christopher Columbus first arrived in the West Indies. He claimed the land for Spain, and soon other Europeans, including the Portugese and French, began competing for control of the new lands.

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