What is another word for commensurate?

Pronunciation: [kəmˈɛnsəɹət] (IPA)

Commensurate is often used to describe something that is in proportion to something else or appropriately matched in size or degree. Synonyms for commensurate include equal, proportionate, adequate, appropriate, fitting, matching, corresponding, commensurable, comparable, and consistent. These words all suggest that two things are properly aligned and balanced in relative size, degree, or quantity. For instance, if one's salary is commensurate with their experience and qualifications, it is appropriate to their level of expertise. In contrast, if someone's workload is not commensurate with their salary, it suggests that there is an imbalance or mismatch between their pay and the tasks they are assigned.

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What are the opposite words for commensurate?

Commensurate typically refers to something that is equal or proportional to something else. Antonyms for commensurate include inadequate, insufficient, disproportionate, unequal, or divergent. Inadequate refers to something that is not enough or insufficient for a specific purpose or task. Insufficient implies that something is not enough or inadequate for the required purpose. Disproportionate means something is not equal in size, amount, or degree to something else. Unequal indicates that something is not the same in number, size, or quality. Divergent means something is different or not corresponding to each other. These antonyms are used to indicate that something is not equal in quantity or size to something else.

Usage examples for Commensurate

His success was not commensurate with his wishes.
"The White Squaw"
Mayne Reid
Nor was this all, for I found he represented me as the son of a man of immense wealth and of a rank commensurate with his fortune.
"That Boy Of Norcott's"
Charles James Lever
Considering that Mr. Pickwick was 'a gentleman,' and further a gentleman of means, and that Mrs. Bardell was but an humble lodging-house keeper, the sum seems hardly commensurate.
"Bardell v. Pickwick"
Percy Fitzgerald

Famous quotes with Commensurate

  • Our Fly Smart philosophy is about investing only on those points of differentiation that pay for themselves, that earn a revenue premium commensurate with what it costs us to provide that product or service.
    Gerard Arpey
  • The psyche of the individual is commensurate with the totality of creative energy. This requires a most radical revision of Western psychology.
    Stanislav Grof
  • The fact that our task is exactly commensurate with our life gives it the appearance of being infinite.
    Franz Kafka
  • Moreover, broad plans commensurate with our national purpose and resources would bring conviction of our power to every soldier in the front line, to the nations associated with us in the war, and to the enemy.
    Kelly Miller
  • Today, unless women gain jobs and athletic scholarships commensurate with their percentage of the population, feminists scream discrimination.
    Marvin Olasky

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