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Commodities are goods that are traded and sold on the market. They consist of raw materials, such as food, metals, and fuels, that are used in production processes. There are many synonyms for commodities, including products, wares, merchandise, goods, produce, and resources. Each of these terms describes a group of items that can be bought and sold. For example, produce refers to agricultural commodities like fruits and vegetables, while goods and merchandise are general terms that can refer to any type of product. Resources, on the other hand, refers to raw materials that are essential to an industry or economy. Understanding these synonyms for commodities can be helpful in a variety of settings, from financial trading to international trade agreements.

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How to use "Commodities" in context?

Commodities are materials that are used as inputs into production processes in the domestic and global economy. Commodities can be either generate revenue or result in a cost when they are imported or exported. In the past, the only commodities that were traded were foodstuffs and raw materials. Today, commodities include pharmaceuticals, automotive parts and components, metals, minerals, and agricultural products.

The physical and economic properties of commodities determine their usefulness for various purposes. For example, agricultural commodities are harvested for their edible parts and used to produce food or feedstock for industrial processes.

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