What is another word for communique?

Pronunciation: [kəmjˈuːnɪkˌe͡ɪ] (IPA)

Communique is a type of formal communication that conveys important information, news or updates from one organization or agency to another. Synonyms for communique include bulletin, announcement, notice, statement, report, dispatch, memo, memoranda, letter, missive, communique, press release, declaration, proclamation, edict, and more. These terms are often used interchangeably depending on the context and nature of the message that needs to be conveyed. Regardless of the term used, a communique serves as a valuable tool for sharing crucial information, particularly in the fields of business, politics, and government. Having a diverse collection of synonyms for communique allows writers and editors to maintain clear communication without sounding repetitive.

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Communique, a word used to describe official announcements or statements, has many antonyms depending on the context. For example, informal messages or private conversations could be considered antonyms, since they are not official or publicly shared. Other antonyms could include lies or misinformation, as they convey false or misleading information. Silence or secrecy could also be considered antonyms, as they go against the idea of sharing information. Other antonyms for communique could be nonsense, gibberish, or gibberish, as these words describe statements that lack clarity or meaning. Ultimately, the antonyms for communique depend on the perspective of the speaker and the context of the communication.

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Usage examples for Communique

When the official German communique was issued, the encounter with Herzl was hid in a closing paragraph and deprived of all significance.
"The Jewish State"
Theodor Herzl Commentator: Louis Lipsky Alex Bein
In the morning, before I'm supposed to be up, I'll issue a communique from-any old place; or tell 'em face to face.
"The Wrong Twin"
Harry Leon Wilson
Undoubtedly, the next German communique announced that the gallant Lieutenant X. had brought down his thirtieth machine; it is probable that this gallant officer had heard strange rumours of what lay behind the British lines, but preferred cruising on the safer side.
"'Brother Bosch', an Airman's Escape from Germany"
Gerald Featherstone Knight

Famous quotes with Communique

  • Sérendipité communique avec les esprits préparés, à mon avis, ce qui conduit souvent à des créations et inventions miraculeuses. Sérendipité va danser avec vous si vous êtes déjà sur la piste de danse. Vous ne devez pas attendre que cela se produise si vous êtes parmi les nombreux spectateurs qui sont simplement en regardant les autres danser. Donc obtenir sur la piste de danse tout de suite, et avoir une bonne danse avec sérendipité lorsque votre moment arrive. - Deo.
    Deodatta V. Shenai-Khatkhate

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