What is another word for commutative group?

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[ kˈɒmjuːtətˌɪv ɡɹˈuːp], [ kˈɒmjuːtətˌɪv ɡɹˈuːp], [ k_ˈɒ_m_j_uː_t_ə_t_ˌɪ_v ɡ_ɹ_ˈuː_p]

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    How to use "Commutative group" in context?

    A commutative group is a group whose elements commute with each other. The notation for a commutative group is G. The elements of a commutative group G are called generators, and the inverse of a generator g is called an anti-generator or inverse generator. The elements of a commutative group are said to commute if and only if the corresponding Galois correspondence between generators and anti-generators holds.

    For example, the elements of the group {e, i} are the natural numbers. The inverse of the number 2 is 1, and the inverse of the number -1 is 2.

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