What is another word for competition?

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Competition is an essential part of our lives. It drives us to perform better and achieve more significant goals. But, sometimes, we need to find alternative words to avoid repeating the same term repeatedly. In this case, some synonyms for competition are rivalry, contest, match, game, challenge, tournament, race, bout, conflict, and clash. Each of these words has a distinct meaning, but they all connote the idea of competing or striving for something. Choosing different synonyms for a word like "competition" will make your writing more varied and interesting to read. So, next time you draft a paper, try to switch up the words to keep your readers engaged.

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How to use "Competition" in context?

Competition is a natural and important part of life. It is what makes us strive to be the best we can be. It is what makes us feel pleasure when we reach our goals. Competition is a force that drives us and makes us work harder.

Competition can have a negative effect on some people. It can lead to them feeling frustrated and aggrieved. It can also be a cause of personal stress. But for the most part, competition is a good thing. It makes us strive for betterment and motivates us to achieve our goals.

In order to be successful in competition, you have to have a clear goal.

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