What is another word for complacence?

Pronunciation: [kəmplˈe͡ɪsəns] (IPA)

Complacence, also known as complacency, refers to a sense of smug satisfaction with oneself or one's achievements. Synonyms for this word include self-satisfaction, contentment, and satisfaction. Other words that can be used to describe complacence include smugness, arrogance, and conceit. These terms carry negative connotations, suggesting that an individual who is complacent may be overly confident or self-assured. On the other hand, synonyms like contentment and satisfaction suggest a more positive sense of accomplishment or fulfilment. Whether we view complacence as positive or negative, it's always important to strive for continued growth and improvement in order to avoid becoming overly comfortable or complacent in our lives.

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What are the hypernyms for Complacence?

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What are the opposite words for complacence?

Complacence, which refers to a sense of self-satisfaction and contentment, has several antonyms that express the opposite meaning. Dissatisfaction, discontentment, restlessness, and unease are some of the antonyms for complacence. Dissatisfaction suggests feeling unsatisfied, displeased, or disappointed with something. Discontentment denotes a feeling of discontent or unhappiness with one's circumstances or situation. Restlessness implies a state of feeling uneasy or agitated, often due to a lack of satisfaction or purpose. Lastly, unease refers to a sense of discomfort, nervousness, or anxiety characterized by a lack of complacence or ease. Together, these words provide a range of antonyms for the concept of complacence.

Usage examples for Complacence

The tutor was all complacence.
"The Castle Inn"
Stanley John Weyman
But one evening, when Andy returned from the office, he found Mr. Warren beaming with complacence.
"Andy Grant's Pluck"
Horatio Alger
Fiercer and fiercer waged the warfare, until at last every root of pride, or self-complacence, or self-excuse, was utterly cast out.
"Ester Ried"
Pansy (aka. Isabella M. Alden)

Famous quotes with Complacence

  • There came to these selected stocks a deadly, ungrateful complacence, which made them count these opportunities as their achievements, and belittle everybody else's achievements unless they were similarly confused with opportunities; and which did worse than this, by abolishing all standards from their minds except what they themselves were and did.
    Rebecca West

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