What is another word for compulsively?

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[ kəmpˈʌlsɪvli], [ kəmpˈʌlsɪvli], [ k_ə_m_p_ˈʌ_l_s_ɪ_v_l_i]

Compulsively is typically used to describe a behavior that is difficult to control or resist. However, there are many synonyms for this word that can more accurately describe the nature of this behavior. Some possible synonyms might include obsessively, uncontrollably, addictively, incessantly, or impulsively. Each of these words conveys a slightly different nuance, but all suggest that a person is driven to engage in a particular behavior despite negative consequences. For example, someone who is compulsively checking social media might be described as obsessively scrolling through their feed, addictively refreshing their notifications, or impulsively reaching for their phone at every opportunity. By using more precise language, it is possible to better understand and communicate the underlying motivations of compulsive behaviors.

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    How to use "Compulsively" in context?

    Compulsively is a word most commonly used to describe someone who does something compulsively without thinking about it. This word can be used to describe a person who is cleaning the house compulsively, a person who is eating compulsively, or a person who is talking compulsively. This word can also be used to describe someone who is doing something wrong compulsively.

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