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A concubine is a term that refers to a woman who is in a relationship with a man without being legally married. While it is accepted in some cultures, in many places, it is considered taboo. Synonyms for concubine can include mistress, paramour, courtesan, or lover. These terms imply different levels of commitment and attachment, with a mistress indicating a longer-term relationship and courtesan suggesting a more transactional relationship. However, all synonyms for concubine involve a relationship outside of marriage. Some may view such relationships as empowering for women, while others see them as problematic. Regardless, these terms are useful for discussing social and cultural norms around relationships.

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The word "concubine" comes from the Latin concubinus, meaning "possessor of a concubine." In ancient Rome, a concubine was a female slave or prostitute who was not married to the man with whom she was living. Concubines were often used as sexual objects by their owners.

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