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The word "condition" refers to the state or quality of something, and it has numerous synonyms. A few of the most common synonyms for "condition" are "state," "circumstance," and "situation." Other synonyms might include "health," "well-being," "status," and "shape." Additionally, "condition" can be used as a verb, in which case synonyms might include "prepare," "train," "temper," or "modify." No matter how you use the word "condition," there is always a range of synonyms that can help you to communicate your meaning more precisely and to convey the appropriate tone and nuance.

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    Condition refers to the combined state of physical, mental and social aspects of an individual. Physical conditions cover such matters as the body's temperature, fluid levels, pressure and circulation. Mental conditions include mood, thought and feelings. Social conditions refer to the individual's interactions with others.

    There are many aspects of health that are physical, mental and social. Conditions can vary in severity and impact an individual's quality of life. It is important to understand the different aspects of conditions so that interventions can be made to improve an individual's health.

    Physical conditions can be resolved through medical intervention. Mental conditions can be treated with medication or therapy.

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