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Condoms have been around for centuries and have been known by various names. They are a commonly used form of contraception and are also used to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections. Some of the most commonly used synonyms for condoms include "rubber," "prophylactic," "wrapper," "sheath," "sleeve," "safety," "shield," and "French letter." Other terms used for condoms include "glove," "raincoat," "jimmy hat," "love sock," and "dong bag." While these terms may be used colloquially, it is important to note that condoms are a serious and effective form of protection that should be used consistently and correctly.

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The condom has been around for many years and is a very important piece of contraception. It is made of latex, a natural rubber, and has a spermicide on one end and a protective covering on the other. The condom is inserted into the vagina before sexual activity and helps prevent pregnancy by blocking sperm from entering the woman's uterus. The condom can break if it is not used properly or if it is put on too tight, so it is important to use it correctly every time you have sex. There are also some condoms that have a backward-lying sleeve that helps delay ejaculation and helps keep the condom from being pulled out.

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