What is another word for coney?

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The word "coney" can be used to describe a type of rabbit or a chin-tufted rodent. Synonyms for "coney" that can be used to describe a rabbit include bunny, hare, cottontail, and jackrabbit. For the chin-tufted rodent, synonyms include pika, rock rabbit, and hyrax. In some regions, the word "coney" is also used to describe a type of pastry or doughnut. Synonyms for this use of the word include doughnut, pastry, fritter, and cruller. In general, when searching for synonyms for the word "coney," it's important to consider the context in which it is being used to ensure an accurate and appropriate synonym is selected.

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Coneys, also popular as barbecued pigs, are a slovenly and dirty animal found mostly in the southern states of the United States. They are surprisingly large animals, averaging between 180 and 250 pounds, and have small, round ears that cannot rotate.

Coneys are descended from the wild boar and are closely related to wild pigs and hogs. They are a scavenger and, as such, are very efficient at feeding on trash and rotting food. They are not as aggressive as other wild animals and are generally timid around humans.

The primary purpose of a coney is to provide meat.

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