What is another word for confusingly?

Pronunciation: [kənfjˈuːzɪŋlɪ] (IPA)

When we are trying to express a state of confusion or uncertainty in our speech or writing, "confusingly" is a commonly used adverb. However, there are many synonyms that can be used in its place to add variety and nuance to our language. Some possible alternatives include "perplexedly," "puzzledly," "unclearly," "ambiguously," "mysteriously," "incomprehensibly," and "cryptically." Each of these words provides a slightly different shade of meaning, allowing us to more precisely communicate our intended message. By incorporating a range of synonyms into our vocabulary, we can enhance our ability to express complex thoughts and emotions with clarity and effectiveness.

Usage examples for Confusingly

Sunny rooms, white curtains, bright cushions and books, pictures and rugs mingled together rather confusingly in her mind when she dwelt upon the inside of her future home.
"Lonesome Land"
B. M. Bower
Mr. Spokesly was so lost in his reflections, most of them confusingly agreeable, that he started when a familiar mellow voice asked him where he was going.
William McFee
She took her worries to the nursemaid, and choosing a moment when she knew Anna-Rose wished to be unnoticed, it being her hour for inconspicuously eating unripe apples at the bottom of the orchard, an exercise Anna-Felicitas only didn't indulge in because she had learned through affliction that her inside, fond and proud of it as she was, was yet not of that superior and blessed kind that suffers green apples gladly-she sought out the nursemaid, whose name, too, confusingly, was Anna, and led the conversation up to heaven and the possible conditions prevailing in it by asking her to tell her, in strict confidence and as woman to woman, what she thought Onkel Col exactly looked like at that moment.
"Christopher and Columbus"
Countess Elizabeth Von Arnim

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