What is another word for conjuration?

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When we think of the word "conjuration", we might immediately think of magic or the act of summoning imaginary figures. However, there are many other synonyms that can refer to this concept more broadly. "Evocation" is a synonym that can describe the act of calling forth spirits or other entities. "Invocation" is similar, and can also refer to calling upon a higher power or deity. "Incantation" and "enchantment" suggest the use of spells or magical words to achieve a certain effect. Finally, "bewitchment" can refer to the practice of using magic to control or influence others for one's own purposes. These words all capture different facets of what we might commonly think of as "conjuration" and provide a range of options for describing this concept.

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How to use "Conjuration" in context?

Conjuration is the use of spells to bring objects or beings into existence. A conjuration spell is a type of spell that involves the use of words to create an effect. Conjuration spells can be used to create objects or creatures from thin air, to summon spirits to do your bidding, or to create a temporaryFUNTo warding spell. Conjuration is a versatile and powerful spell discipline. It is especially suited for creating creatures or objects that are difficult or impossible to create using other spell disciplines.

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