What is another word for connate?

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"Connate" refers to something that is inherently or naturally part of a particular thing or system. To express this idea, various synonyms can be used. One such synonym is "intrinsic," which means belonging naturally to something or inherent. Another synonym for "connate" is "innate," meaning a quality or characteristic that is part of someone's nature. "Inbuilt" is another synonym meaning something that is an inherent part of a structure or system. Similarly, "inherent" expresses the idea of being an essential and intrinsic part of something. Other synonyms for "connate" include "deep-rooted," "inborn," and "inherent." Overall, these synonyms help convey the idea of something being an integral part of another thing or system.

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How to use "Connate" in context?

Connate means joined together or united. In anatomy and physiology, the term connate means connected by a common vessel (i.e. the aorta and vena cava). Structures that are connate are said to be " Joined together", which is an important concept in developmental biology. In multicellular organisms, the cells in a tissue are arranged in a hierarchical manner. The cells at the bottom of the hierarchy are the most basic and surrounding them are more complicated cells. Tissues are composed of cells that are either joined together or separated by tissues. The cells in a tissue are arranged in a hierarchical manner.

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