What is another word for consecration?

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Consecration refers to the act of making something sacred or holy. There are numerous synonyms for consecration, including sanctification, hallowing, dedication, blessing, purifying, and anointing. Sanctification is the act of purifying and making something holy. Hallowing means to make something sacred and set apart for a particular purpose. Dedication involves the act of devoting something to a special purpose. Blessing is a request for divine favor and protection for something or someone. Purifying involves the act of cleaning and removing impurities from something. Anointing refers to the act of applying oil or another substance to something as an act of consecration.

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How to use "Consecration" in context?

Consecration may refer to:

- A religious ceremony or rite of consecration, in which a person or thing is set apart to be used for a specific purpose

- The act or process of consecrating or sanctifying something

- The act of dedicating or consecrating something to a higher purpose or to a deity or a saint

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