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Conservation is all about preserving, protecting and sustaining the natural resources and wildlife. There are several synonyms for the word conservation that can be used to refer to the same. Ecological safeguards, environmental preservation, habitat preservation, nature protection, wildlife preservation, land management, and natural resource management are some of the synonyms that can be used in place of conservation. These synonyms help express the need for safeguarding the environment from further degradation or destruction and restoring the balance between man and nature. It also highlights the importance of protecting biodiversity and natural ecosystems for present and future generations. By using these synonyms, one can convey the same message with different nuances and emphasis on different aspects of conservation.

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How to use "Conservation" in context?

Conservation is the practice of protecting natural resources from over-exploitation. There are intrinsic benefits to conserving biodiversity, including preserving genetic diversity, environmental resilience, the ecological function of natural habitats, and the educational value of nature. In developed countries, revenue from selling licenses, permits, and other fees derived from the conservation of natural resources helps to fund conservation programs.

Over the past few decades, the global conservation community has come to recognize the importance of land-use planning and resource management as essential components of conservation.

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