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Constitutional, meaning in accordance with or related to a constitution, has several synonyms that offer variations to the term. One such synonym is "legal," which pertains to something allowed or recognized by law. Another synonym is "statutory" which is a term used to refer to something prescribed or authorized by a statute of law. "Regulatory" is another synonym that means something pertaining to regulations or rules, often used in the context of legal or administrative settings. Lastly, "institutional" is another synonym that signifies something related to an organization, institution, or establishment, often involving legal or administrative systems. These synonyms offer a range of alternatives to use in place of constitutional, while still conveying the same idea.

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How to use "Constitutional" in context?

There is much debate over the meaning of the word "constitutional." In general, it refers to the fundamental principles of a government that are outlined in the text of its constitution. These principles may be written or unwritten, but must be recognized as part of the government's fundamental law.

The United States Constitution is the primary document that defines the principles of American government. It was ratified in 1788, and has been amended dozens of times since then. The Constitution is divided into thirteen articles, and is essentially a set of guidelines for how the government should operate.

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