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Context refers to the circumstances or conditions surrounding a particular situation or event. There are numerous synonyms for context, including background, environment, setting, situation, conditions, and framework. Each of these words helps to convey the idea of the broader context within which something occurs. The word background suggests the historical or cultural context that shapes our understanding of a particular situation. Environment and setting refer to the physical and social surroundings that can affect the outcome of an event or decision. Situation and conditions both imply the specific circumstances that contribute to a particular outcome. Lastly, framework suggests the underlying structure or context that provides a basis for understanding or interpreting something.

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    Context is everything. It's what we use to understand a situation or event. It forms the backdrop against which we process the incoming data. Context is important because it helps us make sense of the world around us.

    In the context of language, context is the surrounding words and phrases that a speaker uses to communicate. The context of a sentence affects the meaning that we can derive from it.

    Context is also important when it comes to understanding the intentions of other people.

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