What is another word for contingent?

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Contingent is a versatile word that can be used in a variety of contexts, but sometimes it's helpful to find synonyms to create a more specific nuance. One possible substitute word for "contingent" is "dependent," which connotes an idea of reliance or necessity. Alternatively, "conditional" is a synonym that emphasizes the conditionality or uncertainty of a situation. Another possible synonym is "provisional," which suggests a temporary or interim state of affairs. Related words that convey similar meanings to "contingent" include "circumstantial," "subject to change," "contingent on," and "conditional upon." Whatever the context, a good thesaurus can help you find subtle variations on the meaning of this important word.

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    In plain English, a contingent is an agreement that involves the future. In business, contingent agreements are used to manage risks and allow companies to plan for future developments. Contingent agreements can be in the form of contracts, Memoranda of Understanding, or handshake agreements.

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