What is another word for contour?

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Contour is a word that is often used in combination with topography, design, and beauty to indicate the shape of curves on a surface. It is a word with several synonyms such as outline, shape, silhouette, profile, form, and configuration that one can use to describe the curves and lines of an object or figure. Other synonyms for contour are border, perimeter, boundary, marking, or pattern. These words are interchangeable and can help in writing, art, or everyday conversation about the physical appearance and structure of something. Using varying synonyms can add depth and accuracy to your communication while expanding your vocabulary.

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How to use "Contour" in context?

When it comes to makeup, contouring is one of the most popular and versatile techniques. Used to create a visually appealing profile on the face, contouring can be done with powders, blushes, or bronzers. Essentially, contouring is using one or more shades to "erase" irregularities on the face. Whether you are trying to create a more natural appearance or are looking to add a little extra definition, contouring is perfect for you.

Here are some tips on how to contour your face:

1. Start with a clean face.

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