What is another word for contrarian?

Pronunciation: [kˌɒntɹəɹˈa͡ɪən] (IPA)

If you're looking for synonyms for the term "contrarian," there are a few options you could use depending on the context. Some words that convey a similar meaning include maverick, rebel, dissenter, iconoclast, nonconformist, and heretic. Each of these words describes someone who goes against the norm, challenging the status quo and sometimes causing controversy or disruption. While these terms share similarities with contrarian, they each have their own nuances that might work better for specific situations. Whether you're talking about politics, business, or art, these words can help you express the idea of someone who thinks outside the box and bucks tradition.

Synonyms for Contrarian:

What are the hypernyms for Contrarian?

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What are the hyponyms for Contrarian?

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Usage examples for Contrarian

I guess some genius on the White House staff-urged on by that wily senator from New York, our mutual friend Jack O'Donnell-concluded the Council needed a pet "contrarian" on board for appearances, and Henderson looked to be a sufficiently pro-business prospect.
"The Samurai Strategy"
Thomas Hoover

Famous quotes with Contrarian

  • I don't really know much about pirates, or pirate culture. I'd be a contrarian pirate.
    Todd Barry
  • If you have a proven model (and it can be on a unit economic basis, it doesn’t have to necessarily be a profitable business), but if the unit economics are proven, and you have a very good team, and it’s a better solution for the market, you really have to push yourself to an uncomfortable place. Because others will see that – it’s not groundbreaking, or contrarian. And those opportunities, particularly in very dynamic and disruptive markets, tend to break out…
    Robbert Vorhoff
  • I hate publicity, celebrity, fame, and notoriety, all of which are associated with controversy in its public form. But, in fairness, all my life I've been rather upfront with my opinions and never hidden them on grounds of conformity or (I fear) politesse. However, until the wretched Polish consulate affair, I don't think I was ever controversial—I was certainly not known outside of the hermetic little world of the academy, and my contrarian scholarly writings aroused no great fuss.
    Tony Judt

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