What is another word for controlled substance?

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There are a variety of synonyms for the term "controlled substance," which refers to drugs or other substances that are regulated by law due to their potential for abuse or negative health effects. Some common synonyms include "regulated substance," "illegal drug," "prohibited substance," and "narcotic." Other terms that may be used include "controlled drug," "dangerous drug," and "restricted substance." The classification of a substance as a controlled substance can vary depending on the country or region, and the specific regulations and laws in place may also differ depending on the substance in question.

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How to use "Controlled substance" in context?

A controlled substance is a drug or other substance that is classified as a prescription drug, an illegal drug, or a drug of abuse under United States federal law. These types of substances are regulated by the U.S. Controlled Substances Act of 1970. Generally, controlled substances are illicit drugs, but there are exceptions, such as prescription drugs which are often controlled as a medical device.

Some controlled substances have longstanding medical uses, while others have been designated as illegal drugs only in recent decades. Drugs that have been designated as controlled substances are often subject to different penalties from drugs that are not controlled substances under United States federal law.

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